Frequently asked question (FAQ)

The organizers together with the local authorities will take the most appropriate measures to ensure that the event takes place safely in order to protect the risk of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Some of the measures that are being discussed at the moment are:
• PCR testing / rapid tests (free, with a duration of 3 minutes) / or the organiser will ask for a negative test
• Possibility to enter without testing if participants provide proof that they have been vaccinated
• The organizer reserves the right to limit the number of seats, respectively the reorganization of seats in compliance with social distance, if required by law.

This will be communicated when this measure is decided through official announcements, on the website, on social media channels and by e-mail to those who bought tickets. In principle, there will be several test stations provided, but the whole procedure can take up to a few hours / or a negative PCR test will be solicited by the organiser. The organiser will also communicate how many hours ahead you must present yourself to the event for access.

No, it is enough to have the certificate (proof) that you have the two vaccines made and you enter the event directly without testing.

PCR testing is done only once, so for those who participate in the Business Event with John Maxwell that takes place in the morning will be tested only at the entrance to the Multipurpose Hall, and after the event here ends to go through a tunnel specially created to enter Cluj Arena without further testing. If the beneficiary is coming from a journey by plane, he must be tested again. Everyone must be re-tested when they come back, everytime they leave the event arena.

The organizer reserves the right to reallocate / reorganize both the venues and the location of the event in order to comply with the safety rules in force, respectively to ensure the optimal ratio between the number of participants and the size of the rented space.

If the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic prevent the event from taking place, then it is automatically rescheduled for the following year for two days during June-July according to the contractual provisions with the artists.

The persons who purchased tickets will receive in this case a voucher on the basis of which they will be able to take the tickets for the rescheduled event according to the EMERGENCY ORDINANCE no. 70 of May 14, 2020, Art 32, published in the OFFICIAL GAZETTE no. 394 of 14 May 2020.

• According to the legislation in force if the event is rescheduled due to pandemic conditions next year, following that even on the date of rescheduling (July 2022) the regulations in force will not allow events to take place with the public – in this case the ticket value is returned.
• If in order to participate in the event the person travels from areas that require quarantine or isolation, conditions that do not belong to him, then he can choose between: to transmit at least two weeks before the data of another person to participate in his place , to receive a voucher for a future event of the Organizer, livestreaming access to the event and discount coupon for the next event, or to request a refund.
• If PCR testing is mandatory and the person results in a positive result for Covid-19 infection, as in the case above, the person can choose between: submitting at least two weeks in advance the data of another person to participate in the place them, receive a voucher for a future event of the Organizer, livestreaming access to the event and discount coupon future event, or request a refund.

The money returned is related to the ticket purchased, taking into account the reductions applied if applicable, less the additional fees of 15% which include the costs of the organizer on processing fees, taxes and other tax obligations related to the organization of cultural events.

Of course! It is important to remember, however, that a person under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian or parent.

Group discounts, or other types of discounts are communicated on the social pages or other communication sources of the Organizer

For the purchase of tickets it is important to enter the identification data. If you buy tickets for several people and do not have them at hand, you can initially fill in your details and then send the details of the person who will actually participate in the event to: office@hearbeats.events no later than May 20 2021. Attention! Failure to transmit the correct data on time may result in the impossibility of entering the Festival on the day of the event.

ATTENTION: The tickets are NOT transmissible. You have to present the ID or Passport at the entrance to the stadium for your ticket to be validated.

For registration, the identification data of each participant are required (IC series and number, age, city, e-mail address), this being a national condition set to assure the safety of the participants for large-scale events (it is a preventive measure against terrorism).

ATTENTION: The tickets are NOT transmissible. You have to present the ID or Passport at the entrance to the stadium for your ticket to be validated.

Children under 3 have free access, and children between 3 and 16 have a 30% discount

The additional 15% fee includes administration and processing fees, Red Cross stamp duty, stamp duty for historical monuments, fees for collective management bodies.

In the Gold Circle area, participants have the opportunity to stand in front of the stage, the seats are not nominal. In the case of VIP tickets they include a special area, with increased comfort, access to the bar and catering area, a time of interaction and discussions with national and international artists.

Yes. Accepted payment cards are those issued under the VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD brands (including Maestro, if they have CVV2 / CVC2).

Yes, it is possible. By May 20, 2021, you can send the purchased ticket (s) to office@hearbeats.events, specifying the area and location you want to upgrade to. You will receive back information about the steps you need to follow to pay the difference and change the tickets.

All purchased tickets are NON-transferable: if, however, the person who has purchased the ticket can no longer participate, they will have to send identification data until 20 May 2021 to the email address office@heartbeats.events : Name and Surename, serial number and CI / Passport number, the age, e-mail address and location of the person replacing him.

No, the only option is to send the information about the person who can come in your place by May 20, 2021 at the email address office@heartbeats.events

Send an email to office@heartbeats.events with the information on the amount paid and the tickets purchased, along with your billing details and you will receive back the electronic invoice.

According to the Law, persons classified as severely or severely disabled have free admission up to 50 seats to any public event / show, together with an attendant. Due to the very loud noise produced by the Festival, the Organizer does not recommend the presence of children under the age of 7 at the Festival, especially since there is a degree of severe disability. For participation and obtaining tickets it is necessary to send by 20 May 2021 by email to office@heartbeats.events the identity documents of the disabled person and the attendant, the certificate of classification in the 1st degree of disability, and the certificate or the opinion of the family doctor or specialist that the person with a disability is eligible to attend the HeartBeats Event. People with medium or mild disabilities can purchase discounted tickets for people under 16 years of age.

There is the possibility to rent coaches for groups at a promotional price from the Philadelphia Tour by filling in the form in the Bus Book section of the festival website.

If you are interested in the accommodation units in the vicinity of the location where the event will take place, send an e-mail to: office@heartbeats.events with the subject: ACCOMMODATION CLUJ and we will send you a document with the list of units.

During the Festival, activation areas of partners and sponsors will be organized with book stands, food and drinks, activities for children, face painting, etc.

Everyone that bought a ticket to the international event that takes place in the stadium can participate in the Romanian event that takes place in the Polivalent building between 14:00 and 17:00, ONLY IF at the ticket purchase they checked the box saying that they wish to take part in the Romanian event also.

DISCLAIMER: The capacity for the Romanian event is only 10000 seats.