There is a constant question among the Christian young people today: what is our take on concerts, get togethers and Christian “entertainment”?

There is a search for a healthy vision on combining the Christian life and the out-of-the-church social life.

There is a curiosity on the how to make God’s Message relevant to a society more and more dependent on music and entertainment, to a young generation that is far from God, agnostic at best, with atheist tendencie.

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To become the largest Christian music festival in Eastern Europe and even Europe

To start a movement that brings together different Christian churches and denominations, year after year. Not just a one-time event, but a yearly happening.

To make a powerful statement of our faith for the non-believers.

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This music festival is in the position to challenge the Christian landscape by being the most honest and mature Christian event on this side of the planet.

A music festival like no other, one that focuses also on social causes, helping an NGO or a hospital.

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To bring together Christians in all Eastern Europe and provide a local, relevant context in which they can experience and share their faith.

To change hearts of Christians and non-Christians alike through an event like never seen before in this part of Europe.

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Charity concert - A festival with a purpose at heart

Our hearts beat for those in need.
This is why the first Heartbeats event in Romania is a charitable one and a part of the ticket price will be used to support and aid:
- The construction of the First National Children's Hospital for Cancer, Serious Illness and Trauma.
- The foundation that offers scholarships to orphaned children who are students and also offers them mentors


The Event Day

9:00 A.M
We will start the day off at 9 A.M, in the Multipurpose Hall BT Arena Cluj, with a powerful 4 hours (ending at 13:00) long conference, lead by John Maxwell himself. The theme of the conference is "Leading from The heart". This event is available to those will have paid the conference fee. More information coming soon.
14:00 - 17:00
From 14:00 to 17:00 in the Multipurpose Hall BT Arena Cluj, we will warm up the day with 4 hours of worship and great live music, available for all who have a Heartbeats ticket.
19:00 - 00:00
From 19:00 - 00:00 at Cluj Arena Stadium, We will crown the evening with the amazing performances of For King and Country and a surprise opening live act, and and a message from John Maxwell himself.

For King and Country

Dr. John C. Maxwell
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Tickets and registration are open.

Guaranteed ticket in the context of the pandemic

A note on the Covid-19 pandemic and HEARTBEATS

We know many of you are still waiting for the pandemic to stop, for everything to return to a sort of normality in which you can go to a live concert without having second thoughts.

We want to assure you that we are taking all the precautionary measures to ensure your safety. Moreover, we have taken specific measures to make this event become a reality for you, while also keeping you safe.

1. Together with the local government, should the need arise, we will have rapid Covid-19 testing before entering the concert venue.
2. Also, the government has given us assurances that by the end of May 2021, 60% of Romania’s population will have been vaccinated, and Romania will be a safe country for travelling, pandemic-wise.
3. Of course, no one can guarantee all of these things. This is why, worst case scenario, if another general lockdown occurs, the event will take place on the 22nd of July 2022. All contracts, artists and locations have been negotiated to include this date as well.

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